American Body Building Diet Turbo Tea Peach Review

american_body_building_diet_turbo_tea_-_peachIf you are looking for some diet tea, this is your product. However if you were looking for a fat burner, you may want to look at American Body building’s other products.  This drink is diet tea, with some electrolytes included for better athletic performance. 

Ingredients in Diet Turbo Tea

  • Caffeine: the caffeine in this tea will live up to the claim on the bottle to improve alertness and burn more calories.  Most tea contains caffeine naturally.  The thermogensis provided by caffeine may extend for several hours, but they are currently uncovering more things that caffeine can do.  Researchers are now speculating it could lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, improve mood, and widen blood vessels. Researchers are also finding caffeine can break down fat to convert it into energy.  With our bodies using fat for energy, rather than glucose, blood sugar levels stay elevated.  Which is actually a good thing.  With elevated blood sugar, cravings and hunger don’t find a need to set in.
  • The electrolytes: There is a very small amount of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus to encourage fluid balance.  This is key in weight lifting.  Too much water, and you look bloated, muscle definition fades, and you have an overall marshmellowy look.  Fluid balance is especially important in the gym.  Too much fluid outside the cells, and nausea and vomiting are possible.  Many endurance athletes these days are becoming over hydrated. Without the sodium to balance it out, they are passing out and exhibiting the same symptoms of those who pass out from dehydration. This is a dangerous thing when a nearby medic treats for dehydration, but it’s really over hydration.   The message has been for so long to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and people listened.  Unless they have extra sodium to balance out all that water, there is a problem.
  • Ginseng extract:  It doesn’t appear there is too much ginseng in this product, but ginseng is a safe and natural stimulant.  It also may bring with it some antioxidants to control cells damaged by free radicals.  Antioxidants are shown to be helpful in reversing, or at least slowing down the aging process, and cleaning up the damaging free radicals that may lead to cancers.


  • There are several flavors including peach and raspberry.
  • No calories and no sugar.
  • There is a good, moderate amount of sodium to help guys who like to be hydrated.
  • It can help hydrate someone who loves to drink tea.


  • Expensive at $2 for 18ounces.
  • Those sensitive to stimulants may want to avoid it.


American Body Building Diet Turbo Tea in Peach is a flavored tea that gives you the same thing regular tea does, but with a little extra.  That extra is sodium, potassium, phosphorous and ginseng.  Considering regular diet tea isn’t that expensive, I would just stick to generic diet tea and add a few pretzels for your sodium.  This product does not seem to contribute any special weight loss benefits.

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