Cheetah Power Surge Review

bev-cheetahThe evidence is clear that caffeine can increase the rate of weight loss, but can other stimulants?  Cheetah Power Surge is a non-caffeinated stimulant drink, that doesn’t claim to help people lose weight, but maybe that is a side effect.  Their only claim is that this drink will give you energy.  However the stimulants they chose to use to provide energy might also be able to help people lose weight.  There are only three ingredients in this drink; ginseng, royal jelly, and gingko bilboa.

The ingredients in Cheetah Power Surge

  • Ginseng:  Energy? Yes, Ginseng has a strong association with providing and promoting energy. Wherever there is more energy, more calories are burned through an increase in metabolism. Not only this, but ginseng has also been shown to decrease appetite and increase sexual desire.  If that isn’t enough, ginseng has been tested to have as many as 28 different beneficial health properties.  These include the ones discussed for energy and weight loss as well as a boost in immunity.
  • Royal Jelly: This excretion of bees is used by people for energy, and is often sold as a separate supplement.  Royal jelly contains 17 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids.  It also provides vitamins in the form of B1, B2, B6, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and biotin.  Royal Jelly also contains aspartic acid, an amino acid that promotes muscle growth. This is key, considering increased muscle mass means increased metabolism.
  • Gingko biloba: This herb improves blood flow, not only to the brain, which it is well known for, but also to muscle and tissues.  With increased blood flow comes increased muscle growth and using stored fat for energy.


  • Students, professionals, and athletes can benefit from the stimulating properties of this product in a safe, natural way.
  • This retails for about $2 per can, which is right in line with other drinks that are also claim they are for increased energy..


  • Details from a product label is not easily found online.  I would like more information before purchasing, such as how many calories it contains.
  • It still is a stimulant, so if you have insomnia or other issues, this may not be the product for you.


While this drink, marketed to be a stimulant, may not taste great, the secondary impact on weight loss may be worth a try. This is a great product for someone trying to wean themselves off of more addictive stimulants like caffeine or ephedra.  The natural ingredients of royal jelly, ginkgo bilboa, and ginseng have been used for ages as safe and effective herbs that treat a number of ailments.   A person may be able to get the energy, the mental focus, and the athletic performance, without the jittery reactions to caffeine.  If you are a student or an athlete looking for alternative stimulants, this drink may be right up your alley.  It may even be better than caffeine, because there doesn’t seem to be the same crash you get when the drink wears off.

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