Diet or Exercise?

exercise and eatingResearchers have challenged the assumption that a lack of exercise causes children to put on weight. An 11-year study of more than 200 children in Plymouth suggests the effect is the other way around – that getting fatter makes them inactive.

The paper, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, concludes that programmes to tackle obesity may need to focus more on food than exercise. However, some other experts have questioned the findings. The paper says there is no disputing the association between physical activity and body fat. And there is no suggestion that exercise is not good for children. But it does question its value as a way of tackling obesity.

The researchers at the EarlyBird Diabetes Study, based at the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth, has been following a group of more than 200 city school children for the past 11 years. As part of the long-term study, they monitored body fat and exercise at regular intervals over three years. They found no indication that doing more physical activity had any effect on weight.

From these findings Researchers in Britain state that exercise may not be as effective in helping people lose weight as we once thought. Dr. Terry Wilkin stated that from what they have found dieting is the most effective way to lose weight. He says that our normal body functions, already burn 75% of calories a day and that exercise really doesn’t make that much of difference in losing fat. He says that doesn’t mean that exercise does not make us more healthy and physically fit, but that it is not as effective as watching your diet when it comes to reducing weight. Dr. Terry Wilkin says the same is for adults.

From this information people are starting to look for ways to help control diet. One option that researchers are looking at is appetite suppressants. A number of foods and herbs have been known to help suppress appetite cravings. Foods such as apples and oranges are said to help curve a persons appetite. Certain herbs and extracts have also been found to help reduce appetite. Researchers say that an appetite suppressant may help people to eat less food which will ultimately help people lose weight.

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