Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet Pina Colada Shakes Review

dr. siegalControl hunger with cookies and milkshakes?  That is the theory for Dr. Siegal’s weight loss product line.  The diet program , which has been around since 1975, consists of replacing two meals with the cookies or shakes, and then eating a normal dinner.  The cookies and milk shakes have similar ingredients, including their signature amino acid protein blend.  This protein blend is intended to reduce appetite, decrease insulin response, and increase fat being metabolized for energy.

Ingredients in Dr. Siegal’s Pina Colada Shake

  • Amino Acid Blend: This refered to as his “secret blend” of amino acids, really isn’t much of a secret. The amino acids most likely come from the ingredients in the shake, dry milk, egg white solids, beef protein hydrolysate, and sodium caseinate milk.   There are essential and non essential amino acids in all of these ingredients.  Among other amino acids, the specific ones that have been shown to increase weight loss include l-carnitine, l-tryptophan, l-tyroisine, and l-phenylalanine.  These are building blocks of lean tissue and muscle.  The more lean muscle one carries, the better the fat burning, the metabolism, and the muscle growth, all leading to overall weight lost.  These amino acids can also signal to your brain when you are full.  That is why it so much easier to eat less on a high protein diet.  Carbohydrates don’t have similar mechanisms that signal the brain.  You can eat until the stomach receptors sense fullness, but with protein, your brain is getting the message before that.  L-carnitine is taken by itself by many weight lifters and figure competitors to mobilize stored fat.  Without L-carninite fat can not be released from fat cells to be turned into energy.  Hydrolysating the beef protein makes the amino acids more readily available to absorb, while the sodium caseinate milk controls the rate at which it is absorbed.  These work well together to allow the amino acids to work most efficiently.


  • The pina colada tastes great
  • The company has lots of press, positive reviews, and real testimonials including ones form well known individuals.
  • It includes essential vitamins and minerals.


  • There is only 130 calories in the shake, which may not be as filling as they claim.
  • This product has corn syrup solids, which has been shown to increase blood sugar more rapidly.
  • This product only has one gram of fiber, also not very filling.


This product may taste great, but that may not be as vital as how filling it can be. With its proprietary blend of amino acids, the company claims it to be very filling.  If true, this could be a great meal replacement for a filling meal and only 130 calories.  There is 12 grams of protein that help to build lean muscle and burn fat.  It is impressive the way this product has been able to keep themselves in the public eye for over 35 years.  Their website has streams of news stories and has been used by over 500,000 people!

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