Hydroxycut Max! Advanced Review

thumbnailAvailable in Wild Berry, Hydroxycut Max! Advanced is a weight loss drink designed for women.  This drink claims the powerful weight loss and fat burning benefits as their diet pills counterpart.  While many weight loss products have similar ingredients, Hydroxycut’s edge is that their product has the right blend of these ingredients, as well as the highest concentration of the key ingredients that lead to maximum weight loss.  That statement is tough for the typical consumer to quantify.  While two weight loss products may have similar amounts of one thing, it may not be clear whether one is more ‘concentrated’ than the other.  Percentages and amounts do give some of the answer though.

The Ingredients in Hydroxycut Max! Advanced

  • 426 mg of the proprietary Max! Calorie burn:  Caffiene Anhydrous, l-alanine, l-serine, and Korean ginseng. This blend is a combination of stimulants, non essential amino acids and a mood relaxer.  It’s a great mix for losing weight.  The stimulants improve metabolism by increasing calories burned at rest.  They also can assist with improving the rate of workouts so more calories are expended during the activity.  The non-essential amino acids make it possible to build lean muscle after an activity of weight lifting or other weight bearing exercises. The Korean Ginseng may help people relax enough to not overeat due to stress.
  • Max! Plus: L-glutamic acid, l-threonine, l-isoleucine, co-enzyme Q-10, l-cysteine, glutathione.  These mostly essential amino acids not only assist with lean muscle building, but also take part in the process of fat metabolizing.  When fat is needed for energy, the amino acids take part in the mechanism that liberates the fat from its cells.  This is the “fat blasting” that weight loss products rely on to burn stored fat.  While you can get these essential amino acids from your diet, some dieters may not be getting enough. If these amino acids are used for other necessary functions in your body, there won’t be any spared for the processes of losing weight, and burning fat.  Getting them through a supplement spares those dietary amino acids for other purposes.


  • The directions have you only drinking two packets per day.  One 30 minutes before breakfast, and one 30 minutes before lunch. You still get to eat those meals. It’s not a meal replacement
  • Reputable company.  They take warnings from the FDA very seriously and they have been making diet pills for a long time!
  • Less than $1 per packet, 34.95 for a box of 40.


  • It isn’t clear why this is “specially formulated for women” as the ingredients are non gender specific.
  • You cannot take if you are nursing and trying to lose your pregnancy weight.


Hydroxycut Max! Advanced is a weight loss drink mix that is a convenient way to get some extra calories burned, and fat shredded.  You can take the drink to the gym to sip on for some real energy to get through a workout.  Like any weight loss product, it doesn’t take the place of reasonable exercise and improved diet, however it may give you that extra push to, where otherwise it’s hard to break through a plateau.

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