Natural Factors Slim Styles Weight Loss Drink Mix with PGX Review

3552_CEFEvery weight loss product likes to have their proprietary blend.  It’s the only thing they have to set themselves apart from the millions of other weight loss products on the market.  Natural Factors Slimstyles product line has their own blend as well.  They call it the PGX blend.  PGX is a special fiber they have formulated and tested to promote weight loss through a feeling of fullness and satisfaction after a meal.  However, this product also has other ingredients that may help with building muscle and burning fat, rather than limited to eating less as their weight loss strategy.

Ingredients in Natural Factors SlimStyles Weight Loss Drink mix with PGX

  • PGX: This fiber supplement is thought to have more water absorbing and gel forming ability than standard fiber products.  The fiber thickens and expands in the stomach as it absorbs water, causing the person to feel full and satisfied on less food.  This increased fiber helps keep blood sugar low, decreases cholesterol, decreases total calories consumed, and assists with digestion.  Standard dietary fiber, while it does have these same benefits is not enough to promote the benefits at the level PGX can claim.
  • Whey Protein, 26.1 grams. This ingredient provides 20grams of dietary protein.  With the inclusion of protein in this meal replacement drink, essential and non essential amino acids are present to promote muscle growth and recovery.  This is important for long term weight loss, as lean muscle burns more calories than fat calories.  Protein also helps balance carbohydrates in a particular meal, ensuring there is not a huge influx of insulin after the meal.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: There are over 15 vitamins and minerals in this product, many of them at more than 50% of the daily value.  This drink is a good source of calcium, niacin, B vitamins and potassium.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides: Good fat is important in our diet, so as a meal replacement, it is appropriate to see that here.  There is 8 grams of fat total in this drink, with 1.5 grams of linoleic acid


  • Helps curb appetite.
  • Helps decrease cravings.
  • Safe for children as well as nursing mothers.


  • The extra fiber may cause stomach aches for people unaccustomed to extra fiber.
  • Lots of water is necessary to bind with the fiber.


With Natural Factors 9 SlimStyles weight management products, 8 of them contain the fiber blend called PGX.  This approach to weight loss, increasing the sensation of more food being in the stomach, is actually pretty safe both for children and pregnant women.  Although during pregnancy is not a time to go on a weight loss program, but it just goes to show how safe this approach to weight loss is.  This drink is available in many health food stores across the US and Canada.  This company also provides product support with diet and exercise ideas, as well as documented research showing the effectiveness of their PGX ingredient on weight loss.

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