Slim Fast Product Review

slim fastSlim Fast just may be the most widely known weight loss drink in the country.  While it truly does have some benefits, like vitamins and minerals, Slim Fast to me has always been a nutrient infused flavored milk.  When used as directed; actually replacing two meals a day with a Slim Fast shake, followed by a “sensible dinner”, someone really could lose weight.  However, in order to stick to the program, it’s my opinion that the shakes need to be a bit more filling.

Ingredients in Slim Fast

  • Milk: This is a good way to start an ingredient list.  Milk is full of great things like calcium, protein, and sometimes Vitamin D.  Although in one standard version of Slim Fast there is only 10 grams of protein.  While this is good, someone trying to lose weight or build muscle should consume at least 15-25 grams of protein per meal.
  • Water: This would be good if the flavor needed to be diluted, or if the developers wanted to reduce the amount of protein and calories in a can.  However, with  only 180 calories in the can, and that supposed to be your entire meal, I think keeping the water out, so there are more calories and more fat may be more satiating for those drinking the shake.
  • Sugar 18g: Sugar is the worst ingredient to promote weight loss.  Many studies point to the relationship between sugar and weight gain. With sugar, especially refined sugar, blood sugar rises, insulin gets secreted, and fat gets stored. The ingredient list for Slim Fast only states ‘sugar’, so we have to assume it is standard processed white sugar. 18grams of sugar is quite a bit for a weight loss product.
  • Fat: Canola oil is a good source of fat, and may help this product be a bit more satisfying.  We need fat for so many functions, including cell communication and cell structure and support.  Fat in a meal also slows stomach emptying, which in turn could help people eat less throughout the day.  Canola oil has more unsaturated fat than other vegetable oils, and therefore is a good one to include.
  • Calcium: Great source of calcium, mostly from the milk.  This shake provides 50% Daily value for calcium.
  • Vitamin E: 100% of the Daily Value.  I think this is fabulous! Vitamin E is a vitamin that is difficult to get enough of in the standard American diet.


  • Slim Fast is a company with a strong history and a good reputation.
  • Slim Fast provides a weight loss PLAN, not just a product.
  • Slim Fast is reasonably priced and available literally everywhere!


  • This product has too much sugar!
  • Slim Fast shakes do not provide enough calories to drink only two a day with a 500 calorie dinner.


While Slim Fast has been around a long time, and has had a good history without incidence, this product is just too tame to produce real weight loss for the average person. A flavored milk drink with some vitamins is not exactly the best and fastest way to lose weight, unless you are committed to strictly adhere to their plan.  There are no stimulants in this product that improve metabolism, and no ingredients that promote appetite control.  I would recommend a product with a little more calories, and a lot less sugar. If you do plan on taking slim fast, you should also consider supplementing your weight loss plan with diet pills.

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