Slim Shot Diet Product Review

slimshotWith a guaranteed 100% refund policy, Slim Shot is pretty confident people will like their product.  The Slim Shot diet includes 3 different effervescent tablets that you add to water.  One tablet is meant to be taken in the morning, one at noon, and one at night.  Each tablet contains different ingredients that theoretically can help someone lose weight.  The product seems safe enough, as they are using natural ingredients, and the drinks are void of chemical stimulants.   The company’s site claims it to be a simple and fun way to lose weight.  Simple, yes I agree it’s simple.  Fun, I don’t know if I’d go that far.

Ingredients in Slim Shot

  • Metabolism and energizing ingredients:  This tablet is intended to be taken in the morning to give you a jump start to your day and have you start burning calories right away.  The Slim Shot Diet morning formula is using B vitamins, green coffee, ash wood cola, mate, cynohordon, wild pansy, cherry stalk, meadow sweet, and green tea for the energizing boost.
  • Food digestion and fat restricting ingredients: This blend of ingredients, meant to be taken at noon, contains some fiber and pectin to block the absorption of dietary fat.  Apple and citrus pectin, guar gum, and cider vinegar help to block fat.   It’s secondary purpose is to help suppress appetite. The apple and citrus pectin help to control appetite.  Third, it also burns calories with the apple cider vinegar.  The fiber in this blend helps to feel full on less food.
  • Fat burning: Burn fat while you sleep? Where do I sign up?  This is every weight obsessed dream come true.  With Slim Shot, they put certain fruit extracts plus chromium into their nighttime formula to promote fat burning.   The fruit extracts contained in this formula include pineapple and papaya, cocao, and orange peel, and grape extract.  These extracts and peels provide not only fat burning potential, but if nothing else, antioxidants to control free radical damage by cells.  The chromium in this night time formula will help keep blood sugar steady through the night to encourage fat burning for energy.  With blood sugar steady, the cells have no choice but to use stored fat for their energy creating process.


  • With different ways to lose weight, one might work out.
  • No stimulants in the evening.
  • Natural sources of energy, rather than artificial chemicals.


  • Inconvenient to take three different things. 
  • It doesn’t look like you can purchase just one of the canisters. They come as a set, and you are supposed to use them all in conjunction.


While this method may not be the most convenient, three times a day trying to track down a water bottle or cup to mix your drink may not always work out.  However, if the product works, you may not need to be reminded to drink it. This product does have the 100% money back guarantee which makes it risk free to try it.  If it works for you, you of course keep the product, and will keep buying more.  It’s a win-win for the Slim Shot Diet company.

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