SlimQuick Mixed Berries-Weight Loss Drink Mix Product Review

slimquick-drink-mixI am always looking for a natural, sugar free, no calorie drink that tastes great.  SlimQuick drink packets offer a no calorie, sugar free drink, without the aspartame or other scary ingredients. In the mixed berry flavor of their weight loss drink, they claim to also address weight loss by including their weight loss complex list of ingredients. These ingredients include herbs that are natural and safe, and have some evidence that those herbs may help with weight loss.

SlimQuick Mixed Berries chose the herbs for their drink that had some evidence that they would help with the 6 areas of weight loss that prevent women from achieving their goals.  These six areas include water retention, hormonal balance, stress, metabolism, energy, and appetite. 

The ingredients in SlimQuick Drink Mix:

  • Water Retention: Dandelion root, horse tail, and uva ursi are three herbs that function as a diuretic.   These have long been used for this purpose.  Whether studies have been done officially or not on these herbs is somewhat irrelevant, because standard experimenting can show results of increased water lost.
  • Hormonal Balance: Rhodalia Extract is responsible for inhibiting the hormones that lead to cravings and fat storage.  This ingredient is included in the drink as both a hormone balancer and a fat burner.
  • Stress: The amino acid derived from glutamine, L-theanine, is responsible for stress reduction. This ingredient is present in the tea, but extracted and concentrated to have a soothing effect on mind and body.
  • Metabolism:  The caffeine and green tea both increase metabolism by stimulating a greater caloric burn.  More calories required for survival burned equals increased metabolism.
  • Energy: The caffeine anhydrous and the green tea extract both provide properties that stimulate energy.  Even without the presence of glucose, these stimulants can increase blood flow to the brain and muscle tissues, giving you more energy for exercise and other activities.
  • Appetite: The ingredient responsible for reducing appetite and inhibiting cravings is the South African Hoodia.  While there is no conclusive evidence yet that Hoodia can reduce appetite, there are many people willing to say it worked for them. Placebo? I’m not sure.


  • This product comes with a specific weight loss plan, including an exercise program.
  • This drink has no calories.


  • High in caffeine content, this product should not be taken in conjunction with other caffeinated foods and beverages over the period of a day.
  • They want you to build up to four drinks per day!  While it doesn’t say how much caffeine is in this drink, it does say it’s equal to one cup of coffee. Which could be anywhere between 100-300 mg per cup.
  • This drink does not provide much in the way of vitamins, minerals, protein, or fiber.


SlimQuick Mixed Berries weight loss mix has a lot of ingredients.  While there is not much in the way of vitamins and minerals in this product, they do include some stimulants and diuretic herbs to make weight loss quick and easy.   The drink mix packets are almost $1 per mix, which is reasonably priced with other weight loss drink products.  The manufacturer is clear though that this is to be combined with diet and exercise.

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