Xenadrine RFA-1 New Rapid Weight Loss Drink Review

xenadrineA weight loss product is only as good as the ingredients it contains.  Sometimes the ingredients have known effects on weight loss, sometimes its speculated they can help with weight loss, and other times supplement companies make claims based on old wives tales.  Xenadrine RFA -1 Rapid weight loss drinks has many ingredients, but three of them specifically has been taken to trials and shown to be effective.  The other ingredients may or may not assist with weight loss, but are there anyway.

Ingredients in Xenadrine RFA-1 New Rapid Weight Loss Drink

  • Garcinia cambogia: This ingredient is reported to be able to block carbohydrate absorption. The impact this has on weight loss is somewhat indirect, but there is definitely a relationship.  With carbohydrate absorption blocked, blood sugar remains stable, or even low.  It has been noted that rises in blood sugar, and the subsequent rise in insulin to control the blood sugar contributes to fat storage.  This may even help convert fat to energy if blood sugar is low enough.
  • chromium polynicotinate:  Chromium has been used to lower blood sugar in diabetics and is quite effective at promoting optimal insulin functioning.  13 out of 15 studies and 1690 participants showed a positive relationship between chromium polynicotinate supplements and lowered blood sugar.
  • Gymnema sylvestre: Finally, another herb that controls blood sugar.  This one may actually help reduce cravings for carbohydrates and sugar.  This herb has been shown in trials to lower BMI, lower cholesterol, and increase the enzymes responsible for insulin and glucose utilization.
  • Green Tea: It’s tough to find a weight loss product these days that doesn’t contain green tea.  The effectiveness has been shown in hundreds of studies to increase metabolism, increase daily caloric burn, and suppress appetite. This product also contains a concentrated extract in addition, in the form of EGCG. 
  • Caffeine Anhydrous and guarana: These two stimulants are the preferred energy booster for most athletes and people trying to lose weight.  They help with


  • This product is sugar free.
  • The key ingredients in this product have been shown to promote 15 lbs of weight loss in 8 weeks.
  • Good reviews on taste.


  • There is no fiber or protein in this drink, which helps with building lean muscle.
  • There are several stimulants in this drink.
  • This drink is sweetened with artificial flavors and sweeteners.


The ingredients in Xenadrine RFA-1 are pretty impressive.  They have been able to take some proprietary ingredients, patent pending ingredients, as well as well known common weight loss ingredients to make a weight loss drink.  While this product is kind of expensive for a drink, it is priced competitively with other weight loss drinks and pills at almost $1 per drink packet.  The only concern I have with tasty drinks like this is having my kids get a hold of it. If I leave a drink on the counter, and they think it’s some sort of punch or juice, they will try to walk away with it.  Other than that, I think this drink has promise as a weight loss product.

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