Xenadrine Ultra, Weight Loss Drink Mix Review

xenadrine_ultra_drink_mix_450_whiteAt first glance, Xenadrine Ultra, Weight Loss Drink Mix looks like another stimulant filled drink.  While this is good for weight loss, it doesn’t do much for establishing lean muscle and encouraging a boost in long term metabolism.  However, a closer look at this label shows some other ingredients that just may make this drink stand out from the others, and makes up what they term as the “Xenadrine Ultra Proprietary Blend”

Ingredients in Xenadrine Ultra, Weight Loss Drink Mix

  • The stimulants: With at least 175 mg of caffeine, this is a strong stimulant, but is found in many otc diet pills.  Cola’s average about 40mg and coffee about 100mg to 200 mg.  The stimulant ingredients in this product include caffeine anhydrous, guarana, and yerba mate leaf extract.  These stimulants work well together in promoting extra calories burned, and metabolism raised.  They also help people get more out of their workout by increasing their workload.
  • The vitamins Calcium (only 50mg, hardly significant), riboflavin, thiamin, B6, B12, folic acid, and pantothenic acid.  With exception of the calcium, the others are at or almost at 100% of the RDA. The B vitamins are essential cofactors in the process to convert energy.  Many people use B vitamins so this function can proceed at a normal pace, and not be rate limited by a deficiency.
  • Beta core: These are two amino acids, histidine and para-amino-benzoate, that like all amino acids are responsible for building muscle, growth, and repair.  In a weight loss product, this is important to have to encourage long lasting weight loss with new muscle growth. Otherwise, when weight is loss just with fat burning or water, there is no lean muscle to sustain the extra calories required to keep burning the fat.
  • Cytodrine: This blend of naturally occurring steroids may help reduce cholesterol.  One small study suggested the phytosterol Beta-Sitosterol may prevent male baldness.  However, it’s not very clear why these compounds were included in this product.


  • Not a significant source of calories, yet good source of vitamins and amino acids.
  • Plenty of stimulants, you should feel the effects fairly quickly.
  • Fairly priced.  $1 per drink packet.
  • Convenient to take anywhere packets.


  • Should not drink other stimulants if you are taking this product.
  • Fruit punch may be the only flavor.
  • Exercise is the best way to see optimal results.


If you are a coffee, tea, and soda drinker and take this product, you would be getting way too much caffeine.  At almost 200 mg of caffeine per packet, and they want you to take 3 packets per day, that could be too much!  I would advise to speak to a physician before consuming that much caffeine.  Even Red Bull has only 80 mg of caffeine, and that hypes people up alone.  Besides the stimulants, there isn’t much else in this product that I believe help with weight loss. The few amino acids that are present are easily obtained through a regular diet.  I would save my money with this diet supplement, and instead aim for one that has more to offer than stimulants.

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